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    About us

    We are Annemaria (Dutch) and Dieter (Swiss) and we feel very lucky indeed to live in this piece of  Paradise called Florianópolis! We love nature, the lagoon and the sea – that’s why we sail! We started ONDANÇA to combine work with pleasure! “Navigating along the beauties of live” is our motto and we shall be delighted to share this pleasure with you!

    ONDANÇA takes you to various places; just have a look around on our site! Our boat is a not too big and not too small; it has the right size and comfort to enhance personal contact. Whilst gliding over the calm water, we can appreciate the beautiful nature, birds diving and fish jumping, and the lovely fisher villages with their colourful boats.

    During our tour we’ll tell you about points of interest of the island and listen to many life stories!

    Our aim is not to get as quickly as possible to some place or other, but to make the whole trip a wonderful and relaxing experience of all the good things in life! We have done a lot of sailing in different waters of the world like: Greece, Holland, Switzerland and Brazil.

    We are married for more than 35 years and have 3 children. One lives here in Floripa, the other two in Holland! If you don’t speak Portuguese we still might be able to make you feel at home in one of the other languages we speak: Portuguese, Dutch, English and German!

    In high season we work with ONDANÇA and receive guests in our B&B Studio Formana.

    In low season we focus on our other professions. Annemaria is a potter and Dieter does individual and couples counselling and also works as an interpreter.

    With great pleasure we invite you on our boat ONDANÇA! Just give us a call or send us a mail!

    You are very welcome on board!

    Ondança 2012 - Todos os direitos reservados